Friday, May 14, 2010

05.14-> Benchmarck Exam 2

Part 1
ICT 1 Benchmark Exam 2

· Why is it important to follow the netiquette guidelines when using the Internet?

-->People get on the internet all the time and post information about their selves. Their not noticing that important documents can be stolen. By putting your social security number on random internet sites are ultimately putting yourself in danger.

The Netiquette guidelines are important to follow in order to prevent situations where an identity can be stolen. For this your must stay away from pop-ups. There's also another type of netiquette rule, referring to spell check. After some 1 reads a message from you, with bad grammar or spelling errors, they may look at you uneducated. Another example is putting false information on the internet about your self, just like with spell check people may look at you differently.

Netiquette is very important with the internet. Everything you put on the internet follows you for the rest of your life no matter how much you may have changed in your life. Because people are much influenced by the Internet's information using the Netiquette guideline will help you be safe and hold your image.

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