Friday, April 30, 2010

04.30-> Benchmark Exam

ICT Essentials 1

Part 2 Read the Forum responses and Post your response on your blog-> SMART-PHONES

I agree 100% with this. New technology is here to stay and that's not changing anytime soon. It silly to think technology is just going to disappear.

The purpose of schools should be to teach students about new technology and learning systems. To ignore the mobile technology aspect that has become such a huge part of society today, is a bad policy.

Outright banning mobile communications is stupid considering the dangers that children face. If a child can make an emergency call in an emergency situation, it can vastly increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. Think about the way criminals have had to change behavior do to the number of everyday citizens that have cell phones. It has created a network of information that has never existed before.TEACHING RESPONSIBLE USE OF A SMART-PHONE SHOULD BE PART OF BASICS EDUCATION!!!!

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