Thursday, February 4, 2010

Respnsiblity Of You & Me..

ICT Essentials 1
ICT Essentials will prepare you for the future and give you the opportunity to take control of your destiny. This is a new and exciting class. I look forward to working with you. Together we will achieve great things. How do you think your responsibility for the learning will be different in this class and in the future? How do you think the teachers responsibility change or remain the same?

-->Okay, when in this class now it is half and half, hand and hand. If the teacher helps me, as a student, I well be able to help myself as well. Being in this class now, I have to improve and learn all the steps to what I am suppose to be learning. Everything moves and grow. As the I grow with the world in he future I have more responsibility, I have to do more hings on my own. In this class in the future the teacher will not have to show me everything step by step, I have to learn on my own if I don't already know.

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